Rental Condos In a Complex Details

As discussed in our previous article “Should you get an ‘apartment’ or ‘condo’…what’s the difference?” condos are individually owned units in a single complex or building.  


Even though there are multiple owners, each condo complex does have one Home Owners Associations (HOA).  The HOA manages the building as a whole.  They do not manage the individual units.  The HOA will enforce the rules of the building above and beyond the rules set forth in the individual landlord’s lease for each unit.

 Here are some examples of some HOA rules that may affect tenants:

Whether or not pets are allowed on the premises.

  • If pets are allowed, what type and size?

  • Regulation of parking at the complex

  • Repairs in the common areas like the pool, the access gates, hallways and etc.

With rents increasing all over more students and parents a becoming more budget conscious.  A condo is a good way to get the most for your money within walking distance of campus.

Condos generally rent for $100 to $200 less per person than the newer apartments.  They also provide FREE parking spaces, which can save another $100 per month.  Many of the condos also include water and wastewater paid by the owner, which saves about $20 per person each month.  With a condo you will also just pay for the time that you actually occupy the unit.  With some of the newer apartments, you may move in mid August, but you will still have to pay for the entire month.  In a condo you would just pay the prorated rent for the time that you actually possessed your unit.


Some Popular West Campus Condos: (A small sample of condos in west campus)

  • Orange Tree
  • Parapet
  • Centennial
  • Westplace
  • Westview
  • Georgian
  • Somerset

Some Well Known North Campus Condominiums:

  • 31st Street Condos
  • Sunchase
  • Hyde Park Oaks
  • Heritage
  • Tom Green
  • Windtree
  • Oakview